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Chinese Models Break Barriers in Beauty and Business

Photo: Tommy Ton
“Sometimes a Westerner will say to channel the thirties or forties during a photo shoot,” says New York-based model Xiao Wen Ju. “I want to tell them what China was up to then…it would terrify them!” She’s referring, of course, to the violent upheaval of a 3,000-year-old dynastic system, civil war, Japanese aggression, and Communist rule that characterized much of China’s past century.

Atea Oceanie Makes New Zealand Normcore, With a New York Accent

Even though Atea means “distant and remote” in Polynesian languages, designer Laura Myers of Atea Oceanie was in a New York state of mind when she created her Autumn/Winter 2014 collection. For the Uptown, Downtown collection, Myers drew upon her years of living in New York as a transplanted Kiwi. She explained to that she “wanted to combine the elegance and polish of uptown with a sporty and relaxed downtown look.”

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